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About Futsal

Futsal is rapidly becoming a household name in soccer communities throughout the U.S. Soccer enthusiasts are quickly learning the advantages of futsal and recognizing the potential this game has in creating exceptional soccer players.

Futsal is fast, requires quick decisions, and decisive and deliberate movements. The pace and skills required to participate in this game are not duplicated in any other version of soccer. Therefore, players that continuously participate in futsal programs will develop a far superior skill set than that of their competitor.

Although the game of Futsal is played in over 100 countries by more than 10 million participants, there still seems to be a number of people that are unclear as to what exactly Futsal is. In order to help answer these questions we have created the sections below.

What is Futsal? - Futsal is the official version of indoor soccer recognized by FIFA and is how the rest of the world plays indoor.

Participants receive:

  • 7 weeks of games in total

  • Play-off week

  • Championship game - EVERYONE Competes

  • Prizes for division winners

  • 3 great locations to choose from